Meeting Date:            February 18, 2009

General:  15
Officers:  3
Special guests:  none
Club president Ron Magdanz called the meeting to order at 7:05p.m.
Secretary’s report was read by club secretary, Eric Johnson
Motion to accept secretary’s report: Josh Jeske
Second to the motion: Jeff Looker
Treasurer’s report was read by club treasurer, Charlie Haven
Motion to accept treasures report:  Pat Roeser
Second the motion:  Matt Stake
Old Business
Charlie Haven mentioned that sides are done, and he has windshields.
After the February meeting membership prices will go up to $35.
Ron Magdanz addressed the club on the status of the Touring series.
Confirmed Dates
May 25 at Golden Sands Speedway
May 30 at Dells Raceway Park
June 28 at Slinger Super Speedway
July 31 at Golden Sands Speedway
August 14 at Dells Raceway Park
September 11 – 13 Dells Raceway Park
Charlie Haven spoke with 141 Speedway. They want to give the club a date, but they need to wait to see what dates they have open.
The club agreed that if 141 offers 2 dates Ron will not pursue a 2nd Slinger date. If 141 only offers 1 date Ron will pursue a 2nd Slinger date.
Ron said that he will give 141 2 weeks to decide on a date before talking with Slinger.
Ron mentioned that the club will run all 3 Red, White, and Blue Race nights at WIR.
Jerry Quella suggested running a total of 10 Touring dates. Having 7 or 8 at tracks other then WIR, then having 2 or 3 nights count as Touring nights with points for both series.
Todd Kostichka believes that this may help the touring series truck count.
Josh Jeske thought that if someone can not make the WIR races they wont race the rest of the Touring series.
A vote was taken.
VOTE: To include Touring series races with WIR races for 2 or 3 Thursday Nights.
Motion: Jerry Quella
Second: Reagan May
In Favour: 9
Opposed: 6
Motion Carried
Another vote was taken to determine how the WIR/Touring Series dates would be set.
VOTE: Officers will pick dates at WIR to run as Touring Series dates, so they will not conflict with other Touring Series weekends.
Motion: Jerry Quella
Second: Pat Roeser
Unanimous in Favour
Motion Carried
Pat Roeser mentioned that Batteries Plus has approved a pole award. Batteries Plus has donated $450. $400 is set for a nightly $25 fast time award. The extra $50 can be split up as the club chooses.
It was decided that the extra $50 from Batteries Plus will be a door prize at the banquet.
Ron Magdanz reviewed the location of each of the sponsor’s decals on the truck.
Castle Racing must be on the top section of the windshield.
Batteries Plus must be on the B – Pillar on both sides of the truck.
Snap-On is optional. If you run the Snap-On decal it must be on the B – Pillar on both sides of the truck.
New Business
Tech Day will be at Rander Car. It is tentatively scheduled for May 16th. Teching runs from 9am to 2 pm with a meeting at noon.
Ron Magdanz asked for volunteers for the tech committee.
Dan Plutz said Joe Plutz can tech again this year.
Ron mentioned that the club still needs 2 more tech members.
Kip May offered to make 2009 tech stickers.
Ron wanted to remind everyone that there is a $25 teching fee if your truck is teched after tech day.
Wayne Van Handle asked if the club would be interested in helping out with the cost of the band on July 2nd.
Ron Magdanz thinks that having a band in the pits is good exposure for the club.
VOTE: The club will pay $150 towards getting a band on July 2nd.
Motion: Ron Magdanz
Second: Jerry Quella
Unanimous in Favour
Motion carried
Ron is taking Raceceiver orders.
Wayne Van Handle asked if the club will have spare body parts during the season.
Charlie Haven said it is very possible because parts have to be ordered in bulk.
Motion to adjourn: Jeff Looker
Second: Matt Stake
Meeting adjourned at 8:10pm